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Our mission is to help you improve your quality of life through financial preparedness. We offer a wide variety of products and services to help you solve today’s personal and business financial problems and to prepare for the future. Independent, objective and unbiased advice is the staple of all our recommendations.

Our professionals specialize in investment advice, charitable giving strategies and insurances. Our strength is the commitment to work as a team with your professionals from the legal, accounting and philanthropic disciplines.



You will be served by an experienced team of professionals who

are registered with Lincoln Financial Securiites to design investment

recommendations to pursue your specific goals.

Your team of professionals includes:


The professionals of Donahue Financial Management Group


After discussing your personal financial situation, we will work with your team of professionals

to help educate you and create your investment strategies basd on your goals. We will

help define your investment objectives and risk tolerance and then with your permission, will

discuss appropriate information with your other professionals to design a strategy for the

future you envision. 


As your advisor, we will meet with you to discuss your investment strategy as well as assist you 

in pursuing your asset and cash flow needs. We will also be available to communicate with

you on an ongoing basis regarding the investment process and your goals. When your

investment objectives and personal circumstances change, we will meet with you and review

your current investment objectives to determine if changes are necessary in order to continue

in the pursuit of the future you envision. 


Asset Managers


As your Financial Advisor through Lincoln Financial Securities we have access to asset

managers who focus on day-to-day investment decisions and are responsible for selecting a

portfolio of securities based on their specific investment discipline. They strive to add value by

generating returns appropriate to their style of investing.


Your investment team will work with you to identify

your investment goals and objectives, structure appropriate solutions

and guide you toward pursuing your goals.



Charitable Giving


You will be served by an experienced team of professionals who

have designed and implemented charitable recommendations to

meet donor specific goals for Big East, Big Ten and other leading

Universities throughout the country. In most cases we have worked

directly with planned giving departments and currently serve some

Universities as a proxy for gift recommendations.





You will be served by an experienced team of professionals who

have designed and implemented insurance programs of all types. We work

with many fine insurance companies to provide what we believe to be  the most

competitive products to suit your needs.